Lazy Day

A recipe for loungin around. mellow but flavorful but still working on it

Created By Mjag

August 1st 2019 00:58

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Flavour %
Ambrosia - Purilum 0.35
Coconut Cookies - Inawera 0.50
Coconut Custard (SC) - Wonder Flavours (SC) 2.50
Crispy Wafer (SC) - Wonder Flavours (SC) 2.00
Devon Cream - Chefs Choice 3.00
Italian Cream - Hangsen 1.00
Meringue - Purilum 1.00
Super Sweet - Capella 0.50
Total: 10.85 %

Recommended Steep Time: 7 none


Lazy Day

Ingredient ML Grams %
Total Base:
One Shot Total: No Nicotine
Ingredient ML Grams %

Recipe Notes

Was trying to find uses for WF delicious Coconut Custard and was a little obsessed with WF Crispy Wafers at the time as well so had to combine them. Coconut Custard does give off a sweet almost pineapple vibe to it so decided maybe a little Ambrosia would set it off. The Devon Cream and Italian Cream were initially used for a creamy base but they play well with the Crispy Wafer, almost giving it a crust type flavor. That is when I decided to add INW Coconut Cookies to try and accentuate that crust and give the coconut a little boost. The PUR Meringue was brought in as a sweetener, FA can be used here as well but I felt the PUR was a little better match. I am in California so added the Super Sweet, my friends love it sweeter than I do but it is not overbearing at all. 


I don't feel I am finished with this recipe yet but I do enjoy it as is, just needs a little better balancing, I will know it when I vape it.  


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