French Mornings

Croissant with berry jam

Created By Kittybit8

July 29th 2019 20:57

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Flavour %
Apple Pie (Torta Di Mele) - Flavour Art 2.00
Blackberry - Capella 2.00
Blackcurrant (Ribes) - Flavour Art 0.75
Boysenberry - Vape Train Australia 1.50
Croissant - Vape Train Australia 3.00
Graham Cracker - Capella 1.75
Maple (Acero) - Flavour Art 0.25
Super Sweet - Capella 0.25
Total: 11.50 %

Recommended Steep Time: 7 days


French Mornings

Ingredient ML Grams %
Total Base:
One Shot Total: No Nicotine
Ingredient ML Grams %

Recipe Notes

Some credits goes to mlNikon for the inspiration and Humanpuck as we have discussed flavors (he's making his own version -

The idea here I got from mlNikon when she once mentioned a croissant with jam she had made (
I decided, that since I love jam and since I love croissants - why not make one too!
The choice of the jam was tricky, as I'm generally pretty tired of strawberry and raspberry this and that. I wanted something dark and deep.
So my obvious choice was blackberry, blackcurrant and boysenberry.
FA blackcurrant as it is potent like hell, so I keep it low and let VT Boysenberry do a little legwork.
In an attempt to make the "jam" a little more... jammy? I have set my heart in FA Maple Syrup. I feel it adds a little texture.

The FA Apple Pie has only one job and that is to bring a little crust to the croissants butter goodness.
CAP Graham Cracker is there for a little texture.


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