Homogenisation period: 2 days
Last Updated - November 16th 2020 12:47

Custard Now

For those that love Vanilla Custard, but don't want to wait for their juice to steep, I give you this recipe. It's my Custard, and I want it now.

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This being a simple vanilla custard, the notes are short.

INW Custard is a fantastic plain eggy custard with very minimal steep time. Kudos to INW for this one.

The INW Custard lacks vanilla though, so I chose FA Madagascar for a deep, bold vanilla. No steep needed for this either.

CAP NYC is a rather mediocre full fledged cheesecake, but its actually an amazing emulsifier and cream booster. Hence its inclusion here. 

Newest Comment

2020-11-17 23:05:29
@EdibleMalfunction, great, new image choice. Now you've matched your great custard with a great image.

2020-10-12 20:34:42
oooooh thats a dream come true , will mix it this weekend XD

2020-08-29 05:48:07
Looks good WHAT a custard you don’t have to wait 28 day normally I’d use custard premium FA and custard inawera have to get me some Madagascar FA Have the other flavours

2020-08-24 21:43:01
Very impressive work! Mixed yesterday afternoon, and enjoying the hell out of it right now. Thank you!

2020-08-24 02:06:21
I gotta say, this one DOES what it's supposed to, and it does it in a HURRY !!! Well done Sir, and thank you for sharing this one.

2020-08-18 14:23:04
Good job with this! Typically I like my custards to be very rich and prominent, so often I'll mix INW Custard around 3%. To me it rivals Capella V1 used at 8-10%. So this surprised me how much I like this at 1.5%. That combination with NYCC has to be the trick. BRAVO!

2019-12-11 16:32:18
This is so simple and at the same time so delicious. I keep coming back to this, it's my most mixed juice up until now. Very good job, Ed!