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Last Updated - October 9th 2020 05:46

Coconut Sponge (FINAL)

One of my favorite things Coconut Sponge

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2019-09-17 14:18:49
This looks amazing. as is always the case, Im missing 2 flavors, but cant wait to try it! Thanks!

2019-08-01 23:24:15
Cheers Mate, I appreciate the feedback.

2019-08-01 21:04:29
One of my favorite recipes and what got me hooked on coconut vapes. The 3 coconuts used here has become my coconut stone, they just compliment each other brilliantly. Tastes great as is but sometimes I like to add 1 drop per 10ml of INW Lemon Cake to boost the cake aspect a little. For people use to commercial juice I will add about .5% marshmallow and 0.25% Super Sweet but then reduce that slowly and they love it.

Brilliant recipe, well done Woftam!