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NEW NomNomz Super Concentrates Reviewed by SessionDrummer -- Mixing Now !!!!

A large review of the Brand New NomNomz Super Concentrates


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NEW NomNomz Super Concentrates Reviewed by SessionDrummer -- Mixing Now !!!!
Apple Donut (SC) - Nom Nomz 1.50 %
Total Flavour1.50%




Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that NomNomz has RESURRECTED the Super Concentrate line from Chefs, AND, added even MORE flavors to the lineup.  More than a few of you tipped me off to them, and thank you very much for that, as I was a HUGE fan of the OG Chefs SC's.  

I talked back and forth with Richard from NomNomz, and he was more than kind to send out every flavor from that line, that I had not tested previously.  Thanks out to @iLardyboy for getting them stateside, damned quick.

This post is THE holding area while I get them sorted, and mixed up.  I plan on steeping them for around a week, and running them at the standard weight of 1.5% which has proven to be a great testing point.

If you can't wait, hehe, then GET your shopping on ....


For the rest of you, stay tuned.

Testing (as always) will be done on the beloved SteamCrave RDTA v.1, running dual 24ga. Kanthal vertical coils, with fresh KGD cotton, and fresh, or dry burned coils before every test.  All mixed using a 70v/30p/3mg carrier, and tested at 65 watts.


**Apple Donut (SC) (Nomz) 1.5% (2-9-24)**  --  FIRST ONE ON DECK !!!!!   At 1.5% this one was damned full, and didn't need to be increased, which was in line with my 1.5% on the previous SC's.  I always like to remind people there are (typically) TWO kinds of donuts, one a lighter, deep fried Krispy Kreme style, or a slightly darker, yellow cakey donut.  This one favored the lighter, deep fried KK style.  A fairly generous helping of "fried" and "dough" were in store for you with this one.  I wouldn't call it overly "greasy", but def. a fried doughy donut.  The apple was layered in nicely, and was at times either even, or just lighter than the donut, and it leaned towards an apple filling, BUT, not completely.  Not so bright like a Fuji, but there were some brighter notes punching through the "apple filling" type notes.  The two were actually paired very well without either running over the other.  I didn't get any darker notes, or crispy edges with this one, and/or any powdered sugar.  Sweetness was just at about mid-level, and it worked well for this flavor.  I think you'll have to decide whether or not you're in the lighter, deep fried camp, or the darker, yellow cake-y camp, and that will decide whether not not this one is in YOUR donut camp.  Some light bakery notes, but no grainy-ness, which you would expect in the (other), yellow cake-y styled donut.  No off-notes, at this percentage, but at times I almost wished for a slight dialing down on the deep fried, and a slight increase in the apple.  Minor complaints, and take-offs only, and leaving it still at a high **8.95/10**.

**Apricot (SC) (Nomz) 1.5% (2-10-24)**  --  I love me some Apricots, but the good ones, are far and few between.  This one did present as a fairly good one, but it was somewhat relaxed.  I did try spiking it up a bit at the end of the test, with no real increase, so I'm not listing that as an official second testing percentage.  It wasn't weak per se, but I kind of just wanted a little more.  Deep orange and yellow Apricot nuances were in there, and it tasted very natural.  At times I kept tasting a very light almost citrus oil note in there, but it came and went.  Overall it was a very "smooth" flavor as well, and I think it could have used just a bit tart or sourness to really help it pop.  It was soo smooth to my tastes, I wanted to describe it as an "Apricot smoothed by Honey".  Not because it tasted overtly LIKE honey, but it had that type of smoothness to it.  Sweetness was just below mid-level, and despite aforementioned honey and citrus oil notes, they worked, and I didn't log as off-notes.  Natural, very smooth, with very light citrus notes, and a honey like smoothness is what this one was.  Def. an Apricot, but it didn't SCREAM Apricot.  Hard to fault as the natural Apricot I got was great, I just wanted more of it.  I finally settled on a **8.7/10**.

Asperule (Woodruff) (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%

**Banana (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%  (2-16-24)**  --  I have to admit when mixing this one up, I was anxious to try it out, as it smelled really good in the bottle.  Testing it proved exactly the same !!!!  This one surprised me as it was actually fairly complex, with a lot of different nuances/notes to it.  It had some green, and more yellow banana(s), but not browned, or overly ripe.  I think the first TWO thoughts I had were, "Fresh", and "Mashed".  Throughout the testers, I almost got hints of a light banana liquor mixed in.  At 1.5% it was nicely full, and sweetness was just below mid-level.  While def. not a banana cream, it had a creamy-ness to it that was hard to explain.  Not sharp, but as creamy as you could get without being a banana cream.  Tasty, fresh, and a def. mashup (LOL), of some green, more yellow fresh bananas, with a somewhat creamy texture, and hints of banana liquor.  Overall it tasted very natural, with no runts, and only slightly artificial.  This one will be VERY easy to use, and mix with.  With no off-notes, complaints, or "wishes", leaving this complexified banana at a high **9.8.10**.


**Banana (Candy) (SC) (Nomz) 1.5% (2-25-24)**  --  I had ASSUMED this was just going to be a full on Banana Runtz candy before testing, BUT, that didn't prove entirely accurate with this one.  There was some LIGHT runtz notes in there, but overall it seemed more like a relaxed mashup of the OG Banana, and a bit of the Banana Flambe.  It was somewhat sweet, but still below mid-level.  At 1.5% it tasted a bit less present that both the previously tested nanas from Nomz, and did have a creamy undertone.  No off-notes, but I can't say that it completely took off as a banana candy.  It was somewhat candied, but never took shape as a candy.   Tasty, very different than expected for sure.  You could use this IN a runtz / candy mix, but it wouldn't be the driver in the mix.  No off-notes, and again, a nice different approach, just not sure if it hit the mark.  Probably about the best comparison I could make would be a somewhat smooth artificial/natural, lighter banana.  Tasty, but can't give it the high marks for a candy banana.  It was good enough to still drop at a **6.9/10**.


**Banana Flambe (SC) (Nomz) 1.5% (2-19-24)**  --  I didn't want to test this RIGHT after the Banana, so I could get a fresh take.  I think it was @Mikser that asked if we needed this one as well as the Banana.  It depends.  This one was quite a bit different than the OG Banana, as it did not have the green, or mashed notes, but def. more of a somewhat "boozey"-ness to it.  Every time I've ever eaten Banana Flambe it's always been with Dark Rum, and this one DID have a nice booze overtone.  The banana notes were cooked/fried, but without any greasy-ness or notes.  I think there was some light brown sugar-ness, hiding below the booze, as it peeked out from time to time.  It was far less creamy than the OG Banana, and somewhat more acidic, which made it more authentic. I didn't pick up any overt butter or cinnamon, but it's possible they were buried lower in the mix.  All in, a pretty authentic, boozey, fried banana flambe, with light brown sugar notes.  At 1.5% it was very full, and I couldn't pick out any off-notes.  I didn't get any ice cream in this one, and that's actually fine, add it if you want it.  All in, a good showing, and hard to mark down, with my only "wants" being maybe a smidge more butter and brown sugar, but minor "wants" at that.  Finishing up the 3rd tester while writing this, it felt good, very high, at a **9.5/10**.  If you have, want, or like the OG Banana, this one is plenty different to pick up as well.

**Biscuit (Buttery) (SC) (Nomz) 1.5% (2-19-24)**  --  This one was a strange one out of the gate, and at first I thought I had borked the mix up.  Re-mixed it, and YUP, it is what it is.  What it was, was a rather mish-moshy sweetened, bakery, with some biscuit, some cookie, maybe even a loose graham all mashed up.    In comparison to the other biscuits I've tried from NomNomz (and Chefs), this one never really took shape, and/or took off.  At 1.5% (and other percentages), it was full enough, and was just below mid-level sweet, and there were no offensive notes, just not a clearly defined "biscuit" or even "butter".  It probably had some butter in there, but most times something is billed as a "butter" it's got THE BUTTER coming at you.  Sadly I could not see this pulling the "biscuit" freight, and would be perfect as a mixer/baser in bakeries, etc., but not the main note.  Not terrible, but it just never really came into focus, and it felt like a "fiver".  Leaving this one at a **5.0/10**.


**Biscuit (Graham Cracker) (SC) (Nomz) 1.5% (2-11-24)**  --  Being a graham cracker enthusiast, I was looking forward to this one.  Right out of the gate, it reminded me of FW's, and FLV's.  They both have a somewhat not too subtle coconut undertone, and this one had it as well.  YOUR tastes are going to matter here, whether you like that, or hate it.  It did have some nice graham undertones, with some almost crispy-ness to it, and no cinnamon to speak of.  It was very full at 1.5%, and sweetness was just below mid level.  I might have compared it to more of a Honey Graham, if it weren't for the persistent coconut undertone.  As stated above, you'll have to decide whether you do, or don't want the coconut in your GC's.  I didn't find it intrusive, but it was always present.  For my not so much on the coconut graham tastes, I decided to kick it down a bit for that, and with no other off-notes to complain about, left it at a still very high **8.5/10**.


**Blackcurrant (SC) (Nomz) 1.5% (2-25-24)**  --  "Darker", and "Complex-ified" were the two take-aways with this flavor.  While this flavor might not have 100% of the tart kick that real BC's have, it was def. in the ballpark.  With just below mid-level sweetness, and just enough tart on the finish it was a tasty one.  While hard to classify, it's core revolved around a darker berry, with slight earthy tones, and just a hint of floral-ness.  I know, I know, "But florals are bad" !!!!  In this case they were minimal, and added to the authenticity.  Hints of dark(er) raspberries, blueberries, and light wine notes, kept this one mysterious, dark, and complex.  At 1.5% it felt like 85% of the way there strength wise, so not overly strong or overpowering.  If you like delving into the darker, more mysterious berry blends, this one will work for you.  Having very few "eaten" BC's to compare this to, it was fairly convincing, and authentic.  I struggled with the final score, but with no off-notes, take-offs, or "wants" I decided to leave it fairly high at a **9.0/10**.  Dark and mysterious.


**Blueberry (SC) (Nomz) 1.5% (2-23-24)**  --  I decided to spend some extra time on this one, as it was proving to be rather hard to completely nail down.  This is because it WAS pretty complex, especially for a Blueberry.  I got all KINDS of notes, and nuances from this one.  For starters, it didn't seem to delve as much into the darker notes of the BB, but more so the mid-dark, mid, and brighter notes.  At times I felt it leaned more artificial than natural, and other times not.  Some times I got more of a sweetened almost candy-like nuance from it, but not candied like you would think, but more of a blueberry rolled in sugar crystals.  Some times I even picked up on a VERY natural tasting musky-ness, which often times is a BAD thing, but in this case (and some other BB's), was a PLUS, and added to the natural-ness of it.  Basically, this one was a very good BROAD spectrum BB, which covered all of the things mentioned above, and did it actually, quite well.  Because of where it fell on my "BlueBerry Spectrum", it seemed like it would be stellar in Milkshakes, Muffins/Bakeries, and def. in Cheesecakes, to name a few, with numerous other uses.  Although it didn't delve into the deeper, darker notes, it covered most of the "must haves", and presented differently at times, which made it all the much better.  This one really covered a LOT of bases.  I finally had to place it, and doing so at a high(er) **9.6/10.**

Brownie (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Candy Floss (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%

**Cherry (SC) (Nomz) 1.5% (2-18-24)**  --  To this day, I still get anxious when testing new cherries, as many offer up healthy doses of soaps, perfrumes, florals, even medicines.  Guess what ??  Not THIS ONE !!!!  Nope, nadda, zip.  I even torture tested this one for you guys (at the end of the review).  OK, this one was a damned delicious RED Cherry, that was surprisingly below mid-level sweet, with NO off-notes.  Very accurate, clean, and RED were the big three here.  Trying to nail down exactly the cherry comparisons was tough, BUT, it tasted like 50% maraschino, 35% cherry juice, and 15% cherry Jello.  Now that's an over simplification but you get the idea.  At 1.5% it was good enough to not want to increase it, and it was a natural/artificial split, and ball parking it at 50/50 felt good.  

The lower than mid-level sweetness was a surprise, and I wondered if adding a few drops would help or hurt, but I didn't.  It was soo good and tasty, with no off-notes, I HAD TO crank it, because SURELY it would blow up, right ?  NOPE.  Doubled it to 3.0%, and still, it did NOT go sideways.  Clearly that was PAST the ceiling, BUT, no florals, soaps, medicines, none.  So, it is a very friendly Cherry to work with.  1.5% should really be the solo limit for your sanity.  Now it was a complex cherry with the big 3 profiles I listed above, and at times I did get some Compote notes, but it was absent of any Black Cherry notes, leaving it squarely in the Red red camp.  There was just a smidge of tartness on the finish to help round it out, but only a smidge.  Color me impressed.  If you want a red maraschino-ish medley-ed cherry, with cherry juice notes, and a hint-o-cherry jello, this one will work for you.  I don't think it was perfect, but it was getting REALLY close.  Leaving it at a very cherry **9.75/10**.

**Chocolate (Dark) (SC) (Nomz) 1.5% (2-17-24)**  --  Starting out the new Chocolates with this one.  From the start this one was def. a Dark Chocolate, with no confusion.  It was in the ballpark of TPA's DCC, but a little bit darker, and better.  At 1.5% it was perfectly full with no need to increase.  No band aids, rubber bands or any overt off-notes, which is always a risk with chocos.  There were some VERY slight bitter, and dry notes, but I am not taking off for them, as they added to the authenticity of an actual dark choco, and were not intrusive.  It wasn't quite as rich as say, MF's DC, but it held it's own pretty damned good.   No mid, light, or milk chocolate notes in this one, just mid-dark, and dark notes.  While not really creamy, and nowhere near a Milk Chocolate, there was a certain smooth-ness to this one, but just a bit, and it worked well here, and kept it interesting.  Somewhat complex, and was good enough to run solo, but clearly you could temper this into a few different chocos if needed.  All in, a very respectable Dark Chocolate that stayed true to it's darkness, with slight bitter and dry notes that tasted like a mix of natural / artificial.  With little to no take-offs, or complaints and true to it's name, leaving this one high at a **9.1/10**.

Chocolate Hazelnut (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Chocolate (Milk) (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Chocolate (White) (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%

**Coffee (SC) (Nomz) 1.5% / 1.75% (2-11-24)**  --  This one goes out to @Rocky02852.  My first thoughts on this one were, "Yeah, I'd drink the HELL out of this one".  In coffee form that is.  Yes, this one tasted VERY real, authentic, and tasty.  It wasn't a singular coffee, so nailing it down completely was fairly impossible, but a darker roasted coffee gets close.  There were no light, or blonde coffee notes here, just mid-dark, and dark blended notes only.  With that said, it was not bitter in any way, and stayed very authentic till the end.  While dark, and rich, it was not an Espresso, but there were some light espresso-ish nuances in there too.  Quite the complex coffee here folks.  There were no overt dairy, milk, or cream elements that you could taste, but it tasted like it was tempered by some, but just a bit.  Just enough to thicken it up a bit, and add just a touch of smoothness to it overall.  Sweetness was well below mid-level, but there was a light bit of sweetness in there.  It was SOO good at 1.5%, I decided to push it up, just a bit, and it DID get better, but it's safe to say as a solo, 1.5-1.75% would be the top end.  No off-notes, nothing out of place, and literally nothing I would change, and/or complain about in this one.  A VERY good, dark, roasted coffee medley with very light creameries, and slightly sweet is what this one was.  It was so close to perfect for my tastes, it was scary hehe.  Going to leave this one, just barely off of perfect, at a screaming high of **9.9/10**.  Be warned the lingering aftertaste, will only make you crave MORE !!!

Coffee (Irish) (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Cranberry (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Cream (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Creme Anglaise (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Cucumber (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%

**Custard Cake (SC) (Nomz) 1.5% (2-17-24)**  --  I knew I was going to cut this one in the line, and couldn't wait any longer.  In a nutshell this one was a BANGING flavor.  Period, hands down, full stop.  BUT, hehe, there was a but.  The "buts" were that I only got some cake from it, and not a lot of custard from it.  BUT, what I did get was a mashup of a light Yellow Cake, Biscuit, Graham Cracker, and either a Cream or possibly a light Vanilla Pudding.  YEAH, that's what I got.  This one (like a previously tested flavor) was similar in style to Lucky Shot, in so much that it was a bakery mashup, with a TON of uses.  

The yellow cake was lighter in the mix, but did have some baking soda notes (excellent), the biscuit favored JF's Biscuit, with hints of INW Biscuit, the Graham Cracker was just an approximation with no direct comparison, and then the Custard (Cream ?).  It was clearly in there, fattening up the mix and adding a creamy smoothness, but I never got an overt "Custard" from it.  Maybe a cream, maybe a light vanilla pudding.  Now maybe I am/was looking at this wrong as a cake smothered in Custard, as opposed to a yellow cake with custard baked in ??  Either way, I'll knock it down a point, but ONLY a point just for the custard confusion, but it was too damned delicious to deduct any more.  On flavor alone, I WOULD release the Kraken for a 10/10, BUT, with the slight "where's da custard" I'll reluctantly place this at **9.0/10**.  Almost a one-shot, big bottle approved, TONS of uses.

Energy Drink (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Dragonfruit (Pitaya) (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
French Vanilla (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Fresh (Koolada) (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Fresh (Polar) (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Guava (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Hazelnut (Roasted) (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Hibiscus (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Kiwi (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Lemon Meringue Pie (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%

**Milkshake (Strawberry) (SC) (Nomz) 1.5% (2-19-24)**  --  From the start this one tasted like it was 80% of the way there.  The Milkshake profile was there, BUT, it was also kind of "milky", and it felt trapped in between a shake and milk.  The strawberry was mostly artificial, and while good, lacked a little bit of punch that would have helped it POP on the finish.  It was plenty full @ 1.5%, and didn't feel like it needed to be increased, and it was a few ticks below mid-level sweet.  Mouthfeel was fairly present, but felt like it could be increased just a bit, along with the "shake" notes.  All in, this could easily be tweeked, and while not terrible, it just felt like it needed a little help.  In keeping with the 80%, finalized this one at a **8.0/10**.  Tasty, just not complete.

**Mint Cream (SC) (Nomz) 1.5% (2-18-24)**  --  It's NO secret that I'm not a huge fan of mints (or cooling), but THIS one, I liked.  Wow, what an interesting idea, approach, and implementation.  It's like NomNomz decided to make a Mint, for people who might not love da mints !!!  The mint profile was very accurate, clean, and natural tasting, with maybe a hint-o-peppermint, but couldn't be sure.  The slight cooling I got wasn't off-putting to me at all BECAUSE, of the deliciously paired cream.  The cream here, was more than just a simple cream/creamery, it was almost like a Werther's hard Butterscotch candy, BUT, without the butterscotch.  So simply just calling it a "cream" didn't seem close enough.  The pairing of both the mint and "cream" was perfect, such that neither ran over the other, while both being present.  At 1.5% it was spot on, delicious, and full, and I could not find a single off-note or complaint, and this is coming from the NOT Mint Guy.  While not overly complex, it tasted like it should, and could actually be solo'd, which is a growing trend with these NomNomz SC's.  Having a hard time putting this one down, and leaving it very high at a **9.8/10**.

Nougatine (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Orange (Blood) (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Papaya (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Passionfruit (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Peach (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Peach (Yellow) (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Pear (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%

**Pecan Nut (SC) (Nomz) 1.5% (2-18-24)**  --  100% of my previous Pecan testing has always been in the "Butter Pecan" realm, so this one was a first.  Out of the gate, there was no mistaking this as a "nut" flavor.  There WERE some great Pecan notes in there, but they weren't consistent, nor the star of the show.  What pecan notes I did get were fairly natural, with a darker, earthier tone that helped sell them.  But, as mentioned previously, they came and went.  Whiel nowhere near a "creamed" flavor, there was a certain creamy-ness TO it, with some mid-level sweetness.  This one might work better as a nut mixer or baser, as opposed to a main Pecan note.  What was there was great, just maybe not enough of it.  The most consistent profile, nutty/earthy was very interesting, and would be either a love or hate profile, and because it stayed in the "nutty" range, I didn't take off too much for it, but more of the "not Pecan 100% of the time.  It felt like it was 60-65% of the way there, so leaving this earthy lil' nutter at a **6.5/10**.

Pineapple (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Popcorn (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Praline (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Puffed Rice (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Raspberry (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Raspberry Custard (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Raspberry Jam (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%

**Raspberry Wafer (SC) (Nomz) 1.5% (2-25-24)**  --  When mixing this one up, I had two thoughts.  "Wow, this smells great", and "I know this flavor".  Turns out that the Wafer was stronger, but almost identical to the OG Wafer from Chefs that I had tested previously.  As was, and still was the case with it, I still didn't get a lot of "wafer" from it, but that's probably a matter of wafer opinion, but I got much more of a FW Waffle Cone, some other bakery/ies, and maybe a touch of AP.  Now, having NOT tested the four OTHER Raspberries from NomNomz yet, I can only assume that one of them was in here.  AND, the two profiles paired perfectly together.  With the whole wafer/biscuit/cookie debate aside, the Raspberry had JUST enough sweetness, and tartness to break through the bakery elements,  It tasted mostly natural, with some jammed, and candied accents.  The two main profiles did pair very well, and it was damned tasty.  No off-notes, or complaints other than the definition of "wafer".  Minor take-offs for that, but that was it.  Too good to mark down much, and decided to leave it super solidly at a **9.5/10**.

Raspberry (Wild) (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Red Currant (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Rhubarb (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%

**Rum (Brown) (SC) (Nomz) 1.5% (2-13-24)**  --  Getting into this one, for my mixing mentor @Mikser.  Tasting this one in the bottle was SPOT ON, for a Darker Rum.  Testing it, it seemed to loose a little in translation.  I tried to boost and cut it, and it stayed roughly the same, so there are no "official" other percentages.  The initial onrush was very good, and had a slight sweet undertone, but there was no mistaking it was a dark rum.  No real spicy-ness to speak of, so no Captain Morgan here folks.  I think I was MISLED into thinking that because of the slight sweetness, but no spice, just dark(er) rum.  After the initial onrush however, it kind of faded out.  I kept comparing it to what I tasted on the finger, and was wishing that was how it presented when testing.  It was so accurate on spot on, off the finger it was scary, and I couldn't pick out anything off, or out of place.  About my only nitpick would be the fairly rapid "decoupling" after the initial onrush.  Again, flavor wise, it was a very accurate, natural tasting rum which leaned completely into the "dark" side, with far below mid-level, but still present sweetness.  Great, but just lost some in the translation.  It felt fair to still place this one at an **8.0/10**.

Strawberry (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Strawberry (Wild) (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Sweet Lime (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Tobacco (Gold) (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Tobacco RY4 (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Toffee (Butter) (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Toffee (Candy) (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Vanilla (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Vanilla (Bourbon) (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%
Vanilla Cupcake (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%

**Watermelon (SC) (Nomz) 1.5% (2-24-24)**  --  By POPULAR demand, well kinda, hehe, diving into the Watermelon.  I knew when mixing this one up, that it would be a "different' watermelon, and that continued during the testing.  The big take-away (for me at least), was it was not centered around the "red" juicy watermelon much at all.  It did taste more like a mashup of the "white" part of the watermelon, along with some fairly present honeydew, and almost cantaloupe notes.  In order of strength and ratios (guessing), I'd say 60% white watermelon, 30% honeydew, and 10% cantaloupe.  There were some very light "red" wm notes, but the "white" and other melon notes were far more domiant.  If I'd tested it without knowing the name, I probably would have thought it was a "Melon Medley".  It was a mix of natural and artificial, and did have some lighter candied notes.  This was interesting as it was below mid-level sweet.  It was very smooth, with no reat tart-ed-ness, or sour, and no overt off-notes, but there was a just ever so slight perfrumy-ness to it.  Now, it was soo minor, that I almost didn't think it necessary to mention, or take down for it, but just ever so slightly, it was there.  It was so light that in a mix it would disappear.  Overall, not a bad "Melon Medley", but as a stand alone Watermelon, not so much.  Not terrible, and still very useful, just not a stellar stand alone.  It seemed like it was in the 5.0-6.0 range for my personal rating system, so I finally settled on the higher score, and left it at a **6.0/10**.


**Whiskey (Cream) (SC) (Nomz) 1.5% (2-10-24)**  --  BREAKING all of my typical rules, AND, as promised ...... skipping into the W's, from the A's.  I really wanted to get into this one, and no sense making you guys wait all the way to the W's.  Let's start out by calling this one DELICIOUS !!!!  OK, let's put the cards on the table for you Whisky Creamers.  You guys will be in TWO camps.  "Mo Whiskey", or "Mo Cream", so this one MAY not be for ALL of you.  No weak a$$ alcohol here people, the Whiskey was front and center, and about EVENLY paired with the cream.  So RIGHT there, you CREAMHEADS, might find it TOO Whiskey-ish (is that really even a THING ??).  The cream itself paired beautifully with the Whiskey.  It was hard to fully flush OUT the cream(s), because the Whiskey was front and center, but it almost reminded of VSO's Barbarian Cream, or a Bavarian and Vanilla cream mix.  In keeping with true Whiskey, the whiskey here was fairly acidic, and nicely tempered by the smooth(er) creamier creams.  All in, I had a VERY hard time NOT repeatedly refilling the testers on this one.  

It was very solid at 1.5%, with no need to increase it, and the sweetness was a few ticks below mid-level.  I looked, and LOOKED for anything I could nit-pick on this one and came up short.  About my only "like" would have been a little more of the creams, BUT, as mentioned in the beginning of this review, that was based on MY cream/whiskey ratio tastes.  I literally blew through the entire bottle before I knew it.  Handily a **9.5/10**.

Yogurt (SC) (Nomz) 1.5%




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