Homogenisation period: 3 days
Released: October 31st 2023 12:26

Fizzy Pink Bits

A bubbly pink lemonade bursting with flavour and capturing that 'pink' essence.


Last Updated: October 31st 2023 12:32
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Fizzy Pink Bits
Alpine Strawberry - Flavorah 0.25 %
Grapefruit Blend - Flavorah 2.00 %
Lemon - Flavor Express 3.00 %
Pink Lemonade (DuoMei) - User Defined 2.50 %
Super Sweet - Capella 0.75 %
Total Flavour8.50%

I found a use for DuoMei's Pink Lemonade finally.

Pink Lemonade (Duo) adds the carbonated effect to the profile, also adding just a little bit of the 'pink' note.

Lemon (FE) adds the lemon note to the lemonade.  This is a great lemon that doesn't seem to fade over time.

Grapefruit Blend (FLV) adds depth to the 'pink' flavour part of the profile.  You don't really taste grapefruit as such, it just enhances things.

Alpine Strawberry (FLV) is a highly potent concentrate, usually I make a 10% dilution to work with.  But at 0.25% is isn't too over the top in this mix, it just sits nicely in the pinkness.

I find this is reminscent of the Anarchist Pink Lemonade, so you could add 1% WS23 for an iced version.

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