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Released: September 4th 2023 15:23

The Bundas are Mine Rev-2

A nice. fiery Ginger Beer


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Last Updated: September 4th 2023 15:42
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The Bundas are Mine Rev-2
Ginger Beer (SC) - Wonder Flavours 5.00 %
Ginger Root - Vape Train Australia 4.50 %
Heat - Flavorah - User Defined 0.25 %
Lemonade - Lorann 2.00 %
Super Sweet - Capella 0.50 %
Total Flavour12.25%

This is my first attempt at a Ginger Beer. GB is one of my favourite drinks and I love a fiery one hence the addition of FLV Heat. WF Ginger Beer is my base with the addition of VTA Ginger Root. I added LA Lemonade to give that fizz. 

Looking forward to trying this. 

7 days steeping.

Tested this and whilst the flavour is pretty good the addition oof heat to give it that fiery note is too much. Suggest dropping by half. 

14 Days steeping.

This has become much better in my opinion. I would keep the Heat as per recipe and let steep for 14 days or more. In V2 I intend boosting the Ginger and even boosting the WF Ginger Beer.  Over all I am pretty pleased however it needs more work to get it bang on. 



As above i have made a few changes for this revision. The Ginger Beer I have upped to 5% and upped the Ginger Root to 2%. I dropped the Heat by half. Lets see how this does. I have also added 0.5% Super Sweet

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