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Released: July 17th 2023 09:40

Mocca my day

Moccah coffee custard pudding dessert

chocolatecoffeecreamcustarddessertice creamsweet

Last Updated: July 19th 2023 03:16
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When making  chocolate cake you can add coffee to bring out the chocolate notes. I thought I would add the SSA Mocca Coffee and it works nicely.

Custard Premium for underlying silkiness.

Devon Cream added for thickness and bonus chocolate notes

Go as high as you like on the whipped cream.

I suggest 0.3% Cap Super Sweet and 0.75% PUR Supersweet combination as a starting point for sweetness.

I use an RDA, 0.2 Ohms, 60 Watts

I only use SC Coils.



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2024-03-05 11:22:21
Excellent recipe mate and one that I look forward to making again soon only in a much bigger bottle. Thank you for sharing your hard work at perfecting these recipes.

2023-08-03 23:10:47
Slamming Luke. Great recipe, notes, and suggestions for the user. Thank you for sharing it.