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Released: June 27th 2023 00:03

Caramel Biscuits smothered in Ice Cream

A delicious use of Sobucky's Caramel Biscuit, and Ice Creams

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Last Updated: June 27th 2023 00:03
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If you have never tried SSA's Caramel Biscuit, you NEED TO. It is a stellar one shot all by itself. Layer in two SSA Ice Creams on top of that, with a pinch of FA Cookie to bolster the "crunch".



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2024-01-22 09:30:01
Thx @SessionDrummer sounds pretty awesome so now had i made a B2B profile at the Sobucky site in Poland and i must say they have tons of concentrates. Hope all is good with you 🤘🏻

2023-07-02 11:10:22
Thanks very much @Mookeye, I'm glad you liked it. I'm having a hard time putting down the Caramel Biscuit.

2023-07-01 19:38:55
Couldnt agree more, mixed this up at 60/40, 8mg salt for my single coil and Mesh Rta's and was too good to put down.Wouldnt add or take anything away ftm it Awesome mix ang wasn't too loaded with concentrates i dont have 😊

2023-06-30 14:55:46
Thank you @whthek. I feel VERY remiss in NOT trying to get into the Caramel Biscuit before now. Just TOO damned busy LOL. I hate to directly compel people to buy flavors, BUT, if you like caramel, and / or don't have a GREAT caramel biscuit, you should def. add at least THAT flavor to your MUST HAVE list. It's that good, and a great one-shot flavor by itself. Of course, adding it to some Ice Creams, doesn't hurt either, hehe. :)

2023-06-27 02:40:28
That looks real good, SD! Missing all the SSA's.