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Released: September 2nd 2020 02:31

Frooty McLoops

The best, most laziest Fruit Loops you'll ever try


Last Updated: December 14th 2020 22:31
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This, may just be, the BEST, most laziest Fruit Loops you have ever tried.  It should be NO secret that Capella Silverline got the Loops right, with their Fruit Circles.  NO pledge on deck like the TPA Fruit Circles.  Plenty of citrus rush with some great grains, tempered with some Meringue, which helps round it out, and tweaked the sweet. Calmed and milked up just a smidge with the VIC, and YES, a DROP of Lemon MF for the punch.

Sure, sure, you could dose the hell out of it with CAP Super Sweet, but do you really need to ??   Want a Fruit Loops that's just stupidly good, and simple ??  Well, here you go.  Yeah, you COULD shake and vape, but it fattens out and the grains pull up after a week.

Needed some Loops, and just had to have them.

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2020-11-15 21:26:57
@luuul that lemon would work fine. All the additional lemon is for is to spike the top end punch.

2020-10-16 13:01:56
Can I sub with FE Leon?

2020-09-25 12:38:00
@lukeloop, I sometimes get pepper from TPA's, but have never gotten that from LB's. What is your go to Ice Cream Sir ?

2020-09-02 10:38:55
Absolutely Luke. Say no to the pepper !!

2020-09-02 08:21:16
Oh yes, if anyone gets pepper from LB icecream like I do just sub it for your favorite. This is easy and great.