Homogenisation period: 2 weeks
Released: May 7th 2023 12:28

Apple Butterscotch Galette [Final]

An Apple Butterscotch Pastry


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Last Updated: May 23rd 2023 01:11
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My impression of what a Galette might taste like, never having eaten one. I think this one layered nicely, and was worth sharing! Yeah, it's a tedious one to mix, but provides a unique flavor. Two weeks is an educated guess for resting time, having used the GC on my versions. It  continues developing nuance as it ages. Sweetener was added later in development, and left in, as it did make the Apple shine.

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2023-05-07 21:39:10
@whthek this looks really good, and with 12 flavors of goodness, and with plenty of apples and crust, I think it's a keeper.