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Released: March 24th 2023 01:32

Marmalade Pound Cake

A boutque Marmalde yellow pound cake with cream


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Last Updated: March 24th 2023 01:32
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Lemon pound cake with some extra sugar cookie for the cake.

The lemon notes work well with the marmalade

DV Straight Marmalade with a hint of Niseperos for the marmalade.

I haven't tried but possibly VT Oranage Marmalade might work as a sub.

Custard Premium for body and topped with whiped cream for more mouth feel and some vanilla to smooth it off.

I suggest PUR Super Sweet for sweetener.

Sweetener is suggested otherise the bitter peel of the marmalade may be too much for people. 

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I only use an RDA with SC Coils. 0.2 Ohms, 55 Watts


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