Homogenisation period: 10 days
Released: March 7th 2023 20:16

Raspberry coconut slice

Lots of coconut with dash of raspberry


Adapted from: This Recipe
Last Updated: March 7th 2023 20:29
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2023-10-14 16:31:32
This is a great recipe @marsh8, you have cleverly captured the flavour of a realistic raspberry without any of those nasty floral or candied notes that usually ruin it for me and it’s the best I have tried so far. Sadly I am not picking up on any of the coconut flavours but that’s most probably down to my tired old taste buds. Thank you for sharing mate, it’s a good one.

2023-03-07 20:40:04
Na 😂 this one is straight from mum's kitchen, just like I remember it. 🤤

2023-03-07 20:32:03
What a relief.... It's not a Tim Tam 🤣🤣