Homogenisation period: 2 weeks
Released: February 7th 2023 11:06

Lemon pound cake with blueberry and frosting

Lemon pound cake with blueberry and frosting


Last Updated: March 5th 2023 02:28
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A  baked lemon frosted pound cake with hints of blueberry.

The lemon pound cake is the backbone supported with a non-fading lemon.

The Blueberry muffin is a soft baked blueberry with minimal trace of muffin.

There is FA blueberry muffin but I did not want pound cake and muffin mixed together here. The blueberry notes  further supported by DuoMei blueberry.

The custard, frosting and whipped cream add more mouthfeel, vanilla notes and sweetness. If adding sweetener I prefer PUR Super Sweet.

Artwork by me. 

I only use SC Coils @ 0.2 Ohms, 50-55Watts


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2023-03-03 18:18:24
Lemon pound cake with blueberry and frosting (Lukeloop) 10.05% (3-3-23) -- I really haven't had a good "Pound Cake" in awhile and once I saw this, I HAD to mix it up. Despite using the harder to come by Duomei Blueberry (which could be subbed by MF Blueberry), this one was, in a word, GREAT. The SSA Lemon Pound Cake was the powerhouse here, subtly boosted by the FLV BB Muffin. The Duomei BB powered through the BB chores with ease, which was nicely spiked by the MF Lemon. All in this was a well rounder, and I finished off 3 tankfuls before I knew it.

2023-02-12 08:57:44
Yes MF will do nicely, thanks @SD

2023-02-12 01:35:06
@Bob_ohms2low do you have Medicine Flower Blueberry ?

2023-02-09 01:59:53
Luke, the Lemon Pound Cake is ENROUTE !!!!

2023-02-09 01:43:02
@Bob_ohms2low , you could try VT bilberry ripe or FA blueberry juicy ripe

2023-02-08 19:46:43
Any subs for the Duomei BB?

2023-02-07 23:52:35
Outstanding use of the Duomei BB, and MF Lemon (and the others LOL), @Lukeloop.