Homogenisation period: 1 week
Released: August 9th 2022 03:06

Nougat Marmalade Dessert

Who wants a citrus peel nougat in a bed of custard?


Last Updated: August 9th 2022 03:06
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I used the WF nougat and added some VT honeycomb to add a touch of honey.
I added DV straight marmalade for those amazing authentic citrus peel notes which add contrast to the sweet nougat.
The meringue and marshmallow vanilla add to the sweetness, body and "chewiness" factor.
The custard is boosting up the body and providing a decent backdrop. Other custards could also work here.
You should get a sweet inhale followed by the citrus notes from the marmalade.

Other meringues could work.
OOO marshmallow vanilla is also good.
I don't think this needs sweetener.

Artwork by me: https://www.facebook.com/groups/5685625168132924 My MidJourney and A.I Art group.

I use a single coiled RDA 0.16 Ohms, 55 Watts

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2022-08-10 02:05:32
Luke, I don't have the Marmalade, but will have to pick it up, as this one looks good. GREAT artwork also by the way.