Homogenisation period: 7 days
Last Updated - January 13th 2022 16:03

Weekend at Benny’s 🥴

DRUNKEN S'MORES 🔺 Warning. You’ll feel bad about making this s’mores recipe….


Warning. You’ll feel bad about making this s’mores recipe. You’re going to look at the ingredients and mutter, “I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t, I can’t.”
But then you’re gonna mix it anyway. And you’ll be happy about it. Because here’s the thing. One “Weekend at Benny’s” will definitely let you forget all the hubbub, if not for just a little while…

Mixed for the U.K. E-liquid mixing show #55,
I mixed up 2 versions of this last week, 1 with the Light Rum VTA and one without....  
Tested on the RYE RDA #BestDamnDraw, dual aliens at 0.19 ohms, 75 watts..7day steep, both versions are really tasty but as I thought, I'm liking the Light Rum VTA in this 😋 Mix it either way to suit Your taste. 
1 week steep, no disappointments !

I'm not a fan of Graham Crackers so don't expect alot of "Graham" in this one...


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2022-01-13 11:21:27
Hehe, wait, you put CORNBREAD in da S'mores ?? !!!!!! I'm almost what you could call a NOT LIQUOR vaper, BUT, for the sake of science and shit, I'll bight Rocky.