Homogenisation period: 4 weeks
Released: January 9th 2022 10:21

Soho Crunch

Rich, Thick and Creamy Custard Tobacco with a wafer crunch


Last Updated: January 9th 2022 10:20
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A mix of Tobacco  Custard and biscuit.  If you are a heathen like me and enjoy CAP VC1 fresh this is a nice vape off a shake, however wait 30 days and you will be rewarded with a thick, rich and creamy custard with beautiful smooth tobacco and a 'crunchy' wafer

 I know the %'s are high but the flavour is also amazing, since creating this in 2019, I have played around with the %'s to try to lower them this has always resulted in a loss of balance and just not being as good as this full flavoured and balanced version. 

Calipitter chow, to me, always reminds me of a vanilla wafer with some nut like backnotes and a little caramel  used here at 5% for that wafer to stick out and pop above the other flavours. The wafer part has been enhanced by the use of JF Biscuit to add a 'crunch' to it, 0.75% is the sweet spot for this, I have tried higher which results in too much biscuit taste and lower which resulted in the loss of texture. 

Soho at 6% gives this beautiful tobacco a chance to shine on it's own, smooth with caramel notes that enhances those present in the calipitter chow 

The main custard note is CAP V1 at 5% for a lovely creamy and lightly oily Vanilla Custard this is thickened up by the use of VT Creme Brulee at 3.25%, this also adds some more light caramelisation and blends it's own vanilla and creamy custard with that of the CAP 

Feel free to add a sweetener of your choice although I enjoy this without.

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