Homogenisation period: 10 days
Released: December 28th 2021 12:27

The Nut Sack 🥜

Rocky’s Honey Roasted Sack…


Last Updated: December 28th 2021 12:27
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The Nut Sack 🥜
Beer Nuts - Flavorah 0.60 %
Honey Puffs - One On One 1.40 %
Peanut Butter - Sobucky Super Aromas 2.00 %
Total Flavour4.00%

If you love Peanuts get your hands on The Nut Sack 
Pushing the limits with the SSA Peanut Butter / FLV Beer Nuts… This is a Full sack of peanuts! 😎

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“I’m completely enamored with my Nut Sack!”
Doug G.
“Christmas gift, I'm really liking it”
Kathryn M.
“Best Sack I ever put my hands on”
Jack T.
“Perfect size!”
Maria Q.
“This is impressive! I have wanted a Nut Sack for some time and just never pulled the trigger”….
Craig D.


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2023-04-17 02:47:26
This just may become my all day vape. I love this mix.