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Released: February 9th 2022 22:35

The Rumble Crumble

A delicious raspberry dessert kissed by an extra layer of crumble


Last Updated: February 9th 2022 22:35
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Yet another client request.  Having fallen in love with both WF's Crumble Topping, and SSA's Shortbread Cookie, it seemed about time to start using them more.  Both paired with each other and, with a little INW Biscuit, reinforced the crumble and base aspects along with two MORE of my favorites, MF Wild Raspberry, and SSA's Raspberry Syrup.  The two work in concert to pull off one HELL of a Raspberry experience.  Almost ALL fruits can benefit from a little PUNCH from Medicine Flower's Lemon, and FLV's Frosting just added a sweet kiss to the end.  The client wanted a smidge more sweetener, so I kicked in a bit of CAP Super Sweet, but you can omit that.

Great news for you UK'ers, thanks to James_Lucas_Holden









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2022-06-11 09:41:49
Sorry I missed your message Earl, thank you very much, and I'm glad you liked it.

2022-02-11 19:03:42
Well, I'm not the type of person that usually mixes the same recipe more than once... but this one is defiantly going to be mixed again and again and I dare say... again! love this one and thank you for sharing

2022-02-09 22:34:38
Thanks a lot @whthek. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Obviously, the amount of "punch" can be tailored by the MF Lemon level. Thanks for the headsup on the DRY typo.

2022-02-09 12:33:38
Full of nuance, and great work layering. Nice job on this, SD!

2021-12-20 10:44:47
Thank you @Rocky02852.

2021-12-20 10:44:24
Thank you for your feedback @Tmease. It's interesting how it shifts slightly when comparing fresh mixed, vs. steeped. :)

2021-12-18 17:18:28
I killed the 30 ml while it was supposed to be "Aging". Making a 120 now SessionDrummer. "Best in Class" award on its way!

2021-12-17 23:40:15
LETS GET READY TO CRUMBLE !.. Oh yeah Dman, when I first saw this one I mixed up a 60 straight away. Shortbread Cookie is my favorite and paired with the Crumble is damn tasty. Haven’t played with raspberries in quite awhile but this pairing is delicious, and the MF Lemon really makes it POP ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️