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The Sugar Moon #MHM

Native American Maple Syrup Candy


A Traditional Native American Treat includes Maple Syrup,

Maple Syrup Candy (or Maple Sugar Candy) also Maple Snow Candy is a Favorite...

Indians discovered long ago that maple trees have a sweet sap that can be drained from the tree and boiled to make syrup and sugar.
 The indigenous people had their own system for retrieving the sap from the maple trees and had a festival each spring under what they called "The Sugar Moon"...

I chose to mix a Maple Syrup Candy,

A typical "Maple Syrup Candy" consisted of:

1 cup maple sugar

1/2 cup water

1/2 cup walnut halves (or any nut)

and (or) 1 cup dried apricots or prunes

The maple syrup and water was cooked down to a Candy, while still hot the nuts were folded in, then as it cooled it was rolled in the dried fruit


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