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magic carpet ride

Rocky’s Milk Chocolate Base, Mixed for the Developed Quadrinity Assignment

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magic carpet ride
Bavarian Cream (SC) - Wonder Flavours 1.79 %
Dark Chocolate - Medicine Flower 0.79 %
Sweet Cocoa - Sobucky Super Aromas - User Defined 0.21 %
Sweet Coconut - Flavorah 0.21 %
Total Flavour3.00%

Rocky’s Milk Chocolate Base
Mixed for the Developed Quadrinity Assignment

The challenge was to come up with a 4 flavor base / stone type mix

Folkart wanted a Chocolate base and Here It Is !

magic carpet ride base mix:
60.00% Bavarian Cream (SC) (WF)  
6.67% Cocoa (SSA)  
26.67% Dark Chocolate (MF)  
6.67% Sweet Coconut (Flavorah)  
Use at 3 - 4% for single flavor, add sweetener to taste

MF Dark Chocolate: the absolute best!

Sweet Cocoa SSA is the same “cocoa notes” I get in the Mocca Coffee SSA, just a touch adds a cocoa powder feel to the MF Dark Choco.

The Wonder Flavours Bavarian Cream is a clean egg free cream that’s just perfect to push the dark chocolate into a milk chocolate category.

A small touch of Sweet Coconut FLV brings in more sweetness and creaminess, the coconut notes are purposely lost in the mix

Odd percentages used just to keep NaChef on his toes! 🤔 
If you mix by weight, use the grams column, easy peasy !
.. As for Max, I’m sure he’ll have Something to giggle about….
This Mix was inspired by Pro_Vapes Milk Chocolate base (which I use variations of often) 

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