Homogenisation period: 5 days
Last Updated - July 14th 2021 06:19

Black Panther #VCCComp

Liquidised Alaskan Panther in a Fresh Cool Blackberry Fruity Summer Extravaganza

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Place the Alaskan Panther in a large Pan and slowly bring up to the boil, so the Panther doesn't notice.

Leave to Simmer for 24hrs on a low heat.

Cover pan and Bury in snow for 48hrs.

Borrow a 10ft homogenizer from an Australian Geeza 

Liquidise @ 8,000 rpm

Spoon 2.5% of Liquidised panther into a vat of PG and allow to masterate for 1 week.

Funnel off into 10ml concentrates.

Place label on Concentrate, call it "Cavendish"

add other flavours.


A fresh fruity Black Panther mix.

Once Steeped Change your name by Depol to Bert Fegg

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