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Last Updated - July 13th 2021 01:20

🟨Lemmy [Olympus] 🟨

Cheesecake al limone stile Olympus

Adapted from: This Recipe
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An Updated version of Lemmy Orgasmatron to include the new Cheesecake Olympus Style FA,

this is a profile I've worked on for quite awhile (and was my entry in the #VCCOMP challenge).........

I think this taste like a Dinner Lady Lemon Tart / mixed with Cheesecake, but you be the judge 😉

I almost wanted to replace the Lemon Sicily with another lemon but couldn't bring myself to do it and glad I didn't, it's still my favorite lemon, bright with just the right amount of zest. 
I swapped out Greek Yogurt FLV for Sweet Yogurt SSA and added a bit of Cookie to the Lemon Cream Wafer, which is about the extent of the crust you will find as I'm not big on crust (and definitely not a fan of graham cracker)...

Adjust sweetener to preference 

Set up: FreeMaxMeshPro2, Single Mesh coil, 0.14ohm, @80 Watts 👍



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