Homogenisation period: 10 days
Released: November 5th 2021 11:03

Blueberry Cheesecake Waffle [Final]

Who says you can't have dessert with your breakfast!


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Last Updated: November 12th 2022 20:39
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Ok, I've rebuilt this recipe since making the 1st version public. With the addition of both CAP VC and WF Crumble Topping used low, the CC is richer and the mix has gained some nice, buttery mouthfeel. Changing up the Cheesecake, eliminating both the Black Currant and Sugar Cookie, and dropping the waffle down just a bit have really helped get this profile to where I want it to be. Thanks for having a look! Sweetener optional.

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2022-11-13 22:54:53
Looks even better-er, and improved-er @whthek. I was scrolling down the flavors, just thinking, "Yup, yes, def. that one, yes, yes "

2021-11-13 00:59:14
At 5 days post Game Changer, Melody says "this tastes amazing". AND it actually tastes like Cheesecake!. On the inhale sweet blueberry and Cheese part of the Cheesecake, andon the exhale the cream part of the cheesecake and the more blueberry part (more sour) of the blueberry, and a streusel. Aftertaste is that of a cheeesecake and the whole blueberry! Tested on SteamCrave Titan v2 Dual Series deck with Dumesh coils 0.19 Ohms at 4.1V below medium sweet, perfect balance of flavors and sweetness. Awesome Job @whthek !!

2021-11-09 12:54:14
I'm glad you like it, Troy! And, I'm sure your room mate was glad too, that you waited for him to wake up before running your GC!

2021-11-08 01:16:56
Brian, this is great! I'm glad I made more than a tester!

2021-06-16 01:25:39
WOW, this is really good. And very well balanced, the blueberry / cheesecake combo is perfect here and with just the right amount of waffle! Even with no added sweetener this is like commercial juice quality! Well done Brian 👍