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Strawberry Ripple Ice Cream Cone #DevelopedWF

Sweet Strawberry Ice Cream Waffle Cone Desert Wonder Flavors

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A very sweet, decadent Strawberry Ripple Ice Cream using all Wonder Flavours!
This is my first public recipe, & entry into the #DevelopedWF competition.

Off the shake, it's all strawberry & waffle cone, but over time, the ice cream should develop into a fairly rich, full mouth feel, ice cream-so patience is needed with this one!

WF Baked Strawberry (SC)-I absolutely love this concentrate! I think it makes a perfect jammy strawberry ripple!


WF Sugar Cone (SC)-Finding this concentrate recently, was quite the revelation-adding a small amount of WF Cannoli Shell (SC), I reckon, helps the Sugar cone pop a bit more! They both combine, to make quite a nice old fashioned, traditional waffle cone.


For the ice Cream-WF Vanilla Ice Cream (SC) wasn’t it for me on its own-so I’ve helped it along a bit with WF Vanilla Custard (SC), WF Buttercream Frosting (SC), & a tiny amount of WF White Fudge (SC). Hopefully, this combo “sells” the ice cream well! 🤞

I did have a couple of other concentrates in mind that would probably help the ice cream along a bit better, but this was also an exercise in making something all Wonder Flavors, from my existing stash only.

I don't generally use sweetener-you could add it if u really wanted/think you need to-but I don't think it needs it.

Hopefully you enjoy! I will definitely be playing with this more in the future, but this is where it's at at this point!
Please feel free to provide any feedback-be it positive or negative...I'm totally open to that! Hit the comments up!

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Tested on: Recurve RDA; Stainless Steel Fused Clapton (24 X 2+40), 5 wrap, 3mm ID, @60W, (.15 ohms) 510 Drip tip, Vaporesso Gen S Mod😁

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