Homogenisation period: 5 days
Last Updated - March 11th 2021 03:40

Philly Shortbread #DevelopedWF

Super soft, moist shortbread drizzled with sweet molasses and cream

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This is my official entry in the Wonder Flavors Assignment by Developed!

So, after about 8 different iterations of batching and testing, this is what I've arrived at, and I think I'm pretty happy with the results.  This was a tough profile to manage as far as flavor stage is concerned, but enough of that...lets get to the point here!

All up in your face flavor, but actually packs pretty light and whispy.  The end result is a super rich buttery shortbread cookie with a nice warm molasses exhale.  The walnut kind of brightens everything up and finishes things off at the end.

Enjoy Friends!!



Final Testing:

Vapefly Wormhole

Dual staggered fused claptons

Ni80(cores) SS(wrap) 26*2@32g

2.5mm 5wrap 70watts


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