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Released: June 16th 2021 22:27

Screw Brew

Orange Kiwi Root beer


Last Updated: March 4th 2021 01:05
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Playing around with Flavorah Rootbeer I was going for an orange citrus rootbeer with a touch of dried candy kiwi.

TFA Vanilla Swirl fills the hole in FLV Rootbeer and I think boosts the candy aspect of FW Kiwi which to me tastes like dehydrated kiwi slices. FW Blood orange boosts the TFA Orange Mandarin and gives a more deep citrus note. A work in progress I only have about 70 flavourings so when I get another kiwi and orange or mandarin ill do more testing. 

Tested: Citadel Ni80 3*26g 36g 0.21ohm Alien @ 50w on the Aspire x Noname Paradox

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