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Last Updated - January 10th 2021 18:45

Custard 304 (my best so far)

A buttery smooth creamy custard


Custard (INW) and Vanilla Ice Cream (LB) form the custard base.
Vanilla Ice Cream (LB) adds butter, egg and vanilla.
Sweet Cream (VTA) has a lovely distinct buttery note that VTA seems to have in some of their their concentrates and Devon Cream (CCW) is dense and adds more butter.
Panna Cotta (MOL) adds mouth feel with a gelatinous texture. A big thank you to Sheerluck_Ohms (a.k.a) Liam for this tip!
A bit of Biscuit (JF) for some bakery depth.

* Again I would like to shout out Sheerluck_Ohms. An outstanding member of our community and big inspiration on my mixing journey.

Notes: You may want to add a sweetener of your choice as I generally don't like my recipes 'sweet'.

Always learning from the generosity of mixers, sharing their ideas and knowledge in the DIY community and for this I am grateful 😊

Tested between 70 to 90 watts | dual coil Asgard Mini RDA | Framed staple Ni80 | 0.15 Ohms

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