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Released: May 10th 2021 21:30

Mexican Fried Ice Cream (FLV)

"Yo quisiera nieve frita, por favor" (I would like fried ice cream, please)

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Last Updated: May 10th 2021 21:28
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_______________ Image courtesy allthingsclipart.com

This was WIP, but after many variations I don’t think I can get any closer than this to a MFIC, All FLAVORAH 

Looks like a lot going on here, but all is needed. Trust me 👌

Give it a shake and let me know what you think 🤙

Sweetness IS needed here, but as always adjust the sweetener to your preference.

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Newest Comment (5)

2021-05-10 21:20:06
Hey gopher_byrd, I just noticed your comment. Glad you liked this one and thanks for the feedback! muchas gracias 🤙

2021-04-25 15:22:13
I finally got around to vaping this, life happens. You have a winner here Rocky! It will go on the to be mixed again list! That's high praise from me considering all the recipes I've accumulated over the years. Mui Bien!

2021-03-03 01:23:24
Just found this and mixed. Should be ready to vape by the weekend. It smells delish when mixing.

2021-01-02 14:18:08
Thanks SessionDrummer, this recipe certainly was a challenge to nail down and I appreciate you taking the time to mix it up and provide feedback, muchas gracias 🤙

2021-01-02 13:32:10
Well what’s interesting about this 12 flavor hodge podge is, it just freekin’ workZ. I’ve only ever had FMIC with corn flakes or tortillas for the outside coating. I don’t see any K04N in your recipe, YET, it’s like it’s there. Nice dough, nice creams, hints of cinnamon, and sweet, but not too sweet. About the only 3 “usual suspects” that I thought of when looking at this was the M&H, CC, and VP with perhaps the EN, but the others, I just wasn’t sure about. A very good Mexican Fried Ice Cream.