Homogenisation period: 5 days
Last Updated - February 7th 2021 17:47

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"Welcome to the dark side"

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A dark, mind blowing sweet licorice concoction. The absinthe is kinda top heavy at first shake, but eventually creeps it's way into the mix during the steep. What you get is a very satisfying treat. Not everyone is going to like this.... It's pretty dark and for the licorice aficianados. Suggested steep is about a week, but it is still enjoyable at first mix. Enjoy! ~Sturkrazee Tested on: Ghoul RDA single coil: Staggered Dual fused clapton- 2X28g*36 6 wraps @ 2.5ID .29 Ohms @ 70W

*Revised 2/7/21

Revision Added: Flavora Clove @ .4%

This kind of spices things up a bit, and creates a seperation of the absynth bringing a nice, warm, spicy exhale.  It also provides another level of interest to the whole flavor stage.  Feel free to leave it out for that sweet wrapped up licorice taste.  If you want to go spicy and interesting, add the clove.

Recently reviewed on : Wayne Walker's DIYORDIE Midweek Critique Live Podcast on 1/27/21

Rating: 3.5/5

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