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Jungle Flavors SF/One Shot Tests by SessionDrummer

Jungle Flavors (Flavor Jungle) Single Flavor and One Shot Tests by SessionDrummer

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Jungle Flavors SF/One Shot Tests by SessionDrummer
Honey Peach - Jungle Flavors 2.50 %
Total Flavour2.50%


1st round of JF single flavor testing. ALL tested on SteamCrave RDTA v.1, @ 55 watts, single wire Kanthal, 7 wrap coils @ 0.30 ohms, on the Para 250C. Fresh cotton, and dry burned coils before every test. Percentages varied by flavor. All steeped 1.5 + weeks plus.


**Honey Peach (Jungle Flavors) 2.5% (10-26-18)** -- Since one of my favorite mixing peaches is currently TPA Juicy Peach, even though it's weak, this one sounded very interesting for my profile and needs. Out of the gate it was a WINNER !!! Now as a disclaimer I've had some AWFUL trouble with some honeys' in the past, so I was a little skeeered to vape it up, but FEAR NOT, this one IS a gem. At 2.5% it was perfectly hard hitting, without being overbearing or past it's upper limits. Less sweet than I would have thought, and perhaps, similar to CAP Yellow Peach, but this one is in a different league. It might even benefit from a little sweet kick from some Stevia, so fear not about it being over sweetened. It is NOT a juicy peach like TPA's, but really more of a fresh, yellow peach, BUT, there's a kicker in here. Thankfully for me (my fear runs deep) it is NOT honey, at least to my taste, but I'm thinking maybe a hint of nectarine, or better yet, maybe a apricot kick. The more I think about it, I think it might BE an apricot kicker. Either way, it's very full, delicious, and with the "kicker" that's in there, it bends slightly away from a typical peach, into something different, and better. I can see why they named it Honey Peach, and it's good. I am on the 2nd 3ml tanker and I'm struggling to find something I don't like about it, ....... I can't. **10/10**.

**Strawberry Sweet (Jungle Flavors) 5.0% (10-26-18)** -- Out of the gate, this one impressed. Very solid SB with depth. Mixed @ 5.0% it was very full and rich (as rich as a SB could be that is). Nothing off putting, or artificial tasting, but a great ripened strawberry. Not really a fresh per se, and had a tough of jammy-ness to it. I would rate it higher than CAP's Sweet SB, but only a notch or two, as it seemed fuller, and perhaps more versatile. On a second tester tank if that's any sign. Struggling to find an SB that I would compare it to, but maybe OOO Strawberry Ripe would be in the same ball park. For a jammy infused, ripe strawberry, that has just the right amount of sweetness this will work for you. **9.3/10**

Yellow Cake (Jungle Flavors) 5.0% (10-26-18) -- I think everyone who loves or has used FW Yellow Cake would love it, if it weren't for the sugar. Hearing rumors about JF's YC couldn't not get it. Mixed it @5% and this level it was a damned good Yellow Cake, no if's and's or but's. Already I can tell it is AS good, if not better than FW's version, but without any sugar. Yellow Cake fans rejoice. Had nothing off putting, or anything that got in the way of a simple YC. Didn't feel overdone at this strength, sweetness was good, and it was balanced nicely. Not sure how to elaborate more on this, but if you need a YC flavor, without any sugar, this one WILL do it for you. Spot on @ 10/10.

**Honey Dew Melon (Jungle Flavors) 1.8% (10-29-18)** -- I have vaped more than a few Honey Dew Mellons and am pretty aware of the pitfalls, shortcomings, and olfactory offenses that I've experienced. Many times when SF testing, the moment you take a vape of a new flavor you immediately think of a similar flavor. That happened with this one, and it immediately reminded me of none other than Medicine Flower's HDM. Now before I overcharge the flux capacitor and blow up the universe, it's not quite that good, BUT, it's in the same arena (that means very good). It's a very rich, green, and fresh tasting HDM. It's a tad sweeter than MF's, and higher than average sweetness, but that's not a terrible thing here, but worth noting. Lots and lots of nice green melon with the inner and outer fleshy parts, with maybe a hint of rind. This does NOT come across near as effortlessly natural as the MF does, but once again, it's in the ballpark. @estorm cautioned some of the Jungle Flavors were strong, and this is one of the stronger ones. @ 1.8% but could probably range lower @ 1.0-1.5%. Very smooth, with an apparent mix of the green parts, with good sweetness, and very smooth. Not harsh, off putting, or overtly artificial, even at this strength. Almost getting two different notes, one on inhale, and another on exhale, both great. This is the 6th winner in a row from JF for me. **9.6/10**

**Cocoa (Jungle Flavors) 1.5% (10-28-18)** -- Having only vaped ONE (I think Cocoa) so far (FA Cocoa) and being stricken with it's utter coil destroying ways, I was a little apprehensive in trying another, but try I must. First things, this one is clear, clear, CLEAR. What ?? How is that possible ?? At the low 1.5% strength, and after 2 weeks steep, this one looks to be another GEM from JF. Smells like it, tastes like it, but doesn't gunk coils like it ?? Can't compare to any other than FA's, and it is in the same ballpark, without the gunking, and dryness that I got from the FA. Accuracy was pretty spot on, sweetness was at the mid point, with a nice even, mid to mid-dark cocoa. They really got this one pretty nailed down. Not a milk chocolate, nor a dark chocolate, but right smack dab in the middle of the cocoa road. No bitters, or dryness here, tastes pretty natural with no chemical, artificial, or off putting notes. Now this is NO Medicine Flower Dark Chocolate, but it's not trying to be. I could see using this QUITE often, and am glad I bought a mini jug of it on sale no less. Going to toss this into one of my S'mores to really see what's what, but at this point, this will be the fifth Jungle Flavor win in a row. One thing I noticed vaping it at 65 watts, I didn't get any burning from it, as many chocolates do not like higher wattages, even though 65 watts isn't terribly high. Having a hard time knocking it down, maybe 0.5 for a slight lack of richness/depth, but it's just too damned tasty for being so clear, and non-gunking. **9.5/10**.

**Biscuit (Jungle Flavors) 3.0% (10-27-18)** -- I felt I already knew this flavor before testing it, as I read countless reviews stating it was JUST like a perfect pairing of INW Biscuit, and FA Cookie. Well, that's about as RIGHT as it gets. I actually can't think of a better description than that INW Biscuit + FA Cookie = JF Biscuit !!!! It's actually quite an interesting blend (if not exactly those two companies flavors, but profiles for sure). INW Biscuit is more of an American biscuit like Bisquick, and FA Cookie is more like a European biscuit which would lean towards more cookie-ish. Pairing these two profiles yields a very interesting result. Actually vaped the entire tester which I didn't see coming. I can already see countless uses for this, mostly bakery obviously, crust enhancements, some graininess, etc. The slight sweetness could really shift things in mixes, and probably in a good way at that. At 3% it was very full with just a hint of sweet, not overly dry, with nothing off putting, harsh, or artificial tasting. **9.5/10**


Series II Mixing Now:

One Shots:

**Apple Fritter (Jungle Flavors) 11% (12-20-20)**  --  First Jungle Flavors One Shot on deck, and perfect for the Holidays.  I could smell the dough element when mixing, and wasn't sure about how it would fare vaping, but it quickly became obvious, it just worked.  The dough actually worked very well, as it portrayed both a baked, and almost undercooked dough at the same time, which perfectly suited a Fritter.  The apple elements tasted somewhat unique, and were a great choice for this one shot, as they were not a typical "pie filling", not heavy on the cinnamon, which really worked here.  Almost a Fuji-ish punch on the top end, and overall it leaned more towards a fresh apple, than a filling apple.  Slight amounts of spice but very low in the mix, so as not to overwhelm the apples and dough.  Sweetness was mid level, and as a total vape, it really worked, and tasted different, which helped elevate it from the typical apple bakeries out there.  Def. a tester tank finisher for me.  Handily handing it up at a **9.5/10**.

**Donut Holes (Jungle Flavors) 12.5% (12-20-20)**  --  Five days before Christmas and I need a Donut Vape !!!  Did I get one, or a lump of coal ??  I got one !!!!!  For starters, this is probably one of the BEST Donut flavor/one-shots I have tried, and that's saying something.  I may have detected some of my old friend FA Zeppola in here, but it tasted like a bit more than just that.  The donut notes were fresh and fried if that makes sense, along with a nice helping of glazed sugar.  It sat at about mid level sweet, which is fine for a donut.  "Just say NO to PlayDoh" and this one does just that.  I couldn't detect any heavy notes to sway the donut/dough which left it neutral, but could easily be spiked with Strawberry, Raspberry, etc. if needed.  As it stood, for a 50/50 dough/fried dough donut, with a delicious glazed coating, this one did exactly that, and never left you wanting.  Feels perfectly donuty good @ **9.8/10**.

**Mango Mafia (Jungle Flavors) 12% (12-20-20)** – I’d heard from more than one user that this MM was their favorite, and I might just know why now. It’s a BOMB in MANGO form for sure. Admittedly I’m not a huge fruit’er, but this one, might have changed that. The mango was full, present, and in your face throughout the entire vape. It was full spectrum with dark, mid, and high end punch, so nothing was left out of this Mafia party. Def. a complex mix, and at times I couldn’t help but wonder if JF threw in some of their Honey Peach to this one, but that is not confirmed. Sweetness was maybe a tick above mid level, but not fatiguing, and I checked by blowing through two tester tanks on this one. A very natural tasting, full spectrum Mango is what you get with this one, and coming from a non-fruit guy, couldn’t go lower than **9.8/10** .

Strawberry Bubble Gum (Jungle Flavors) 9.5% (12-21-20) – I’ve tried some ehh, and pretty bad bubblegums before, and thankfully this one, was neither. It actually presented as a very GOOD bubblegum, BUT, with a twist. The Strawberry. It was layered into the mix fairly low, so as not to overwhelm the bubblegum. The BBG was pink, accurate, and quite tasty, and it was very close to a “BubbleYum” flavor. The strawberry, while somewhat lower in the mix, did a really good job of shifting the bubble gum, but just a bit. Not an overpowering SB, dragging the gum along for the ride, but more of an accent TO the bubble gum. I think it was a wise, and different choice, and vaping it, throughout two tankfuls, it never wandered. Sweetness was about mid level, and great for a bubblegum, and even after 2 tanks, I couldn’t pull any off-putting, or chemical notes out of it. You can’t blow bubbles with this one, but you’d almost think you could. Very nice, not overly complex different take on bubble gum. 9.7/10.

**Tiger's Blood (Jungle Flavors) 15% (12-22-20)**  --  I smelled this one while mixing up this series, and did a double take.  Wait, this is a Tiger's Blood ?? !!!!   From the Flavor Jungle .............

> Add the sweet taste of a fruit cocktail with watermelon, cherry, kiwi, and honeydew to your next DIY recipe!

Wait, Cherry, Kiwi, and Honeydew ?? !!  OK, this was NOT was I was used to in regards to a TB, so figured we'd close out this series with an enigma.  Blasphemy or Godliness ??  I tried to check my "Reservations" at the door.  I'm not sure if this will replace my more typical TB, but it was a fairly interesting fruit cocktail.  I was picking up the WM, Cherry, Kiwi, and Honeydew, and as a blend, it WAS indeed, quite interesting.  Nothing felt out of place in this (new to me) mashup, and it actually worked well.  Sweetness was below mid level, and strangely enough, kept me interested throughout the tankful.  Not being a huge fruit-ster, it takes a bit to get, and keep me interested in a fruit medley.  This one had just enough tart, and sweet to keep it interesting, and the unexpected (to me) combination kept it that way.  My favorite aspect of this one would probably be the tart cherry finish on it.  Would I label this a TB ??   Probably not.  Would I pick up a bottle ??   Yes.  :slight_smile:  Tartly at a **9.0/10**.

All in, an impressive showing from Jungle Flavors.  Huge thanks out to them for sending these out to be reviewed.  Some were expected but great, and a few surpises.  Very worth picking some up. 




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2020-12-24 12:30:57
@Warbstar, I'm glad you liked the Honey Peach. I just had a coworker ask me to mix him up a mega batch of it (he doesn't DIY). Popular, tasty flavor !!!

2020-12-24 06:57:11
I've just got my honey peach and fully agree its wonderful I tested on duel fused claptons on the Digiflavor Drop at 85w if this is the mark then I can not wait to get more from their range 😀

2020-12-23 00:09:00
Thank you very much @lukeloop. I didn't know they had them either. Luckily a member hit me up, and said the Mango Mafia was his fav, I contacted Flavor Jungle and they were kind enough to send these out.

2020-12-22 04:45:56
Nice, I didn't even know hey made one-shots.