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Released: October 11th 2020 13:24

Smoky Blue's Winstin Tobacco

Just a good tobacco blended USA style cig

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Last Updated: October 11th 2020 13:41
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Smoky Blue's Winstin Tobacco
Cream - Flavorah 0.20 %
Kentucky Blend - Flavorah 0.80 %
Lime Wedge - Flavorah 0.06 %
Red Burley - Flavorah 0.12 %
Virginia Tobacco - Flavorah 0.80 %
Total Flavour1.98%

If you are looking for the actual Winston taste for you or a loved one, you need this mix in your life.

The secret is the lime wedge! Please, no subs

Steep time: good after 7-14 days… but you can try this mix after a few days 

If you want… try some cream and fruits with this, it is a good basic mixed tobacco.

It does extremely well with cooling agents.

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2020-10-11 13:42:00
I just removed the copy of this recipe that I posted. Thanks for posting. :)

2020-10-11 13:27:01
odd, @SessionsDrummer... blank recipe! Will fix that real quick. :)

2020-07-31 14:23:54
You know I've had a love/hate with tobacco recipes, but this might just get me to re-try them.