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Released: May 27th 2021 00:33


Rhode Island Coffee Milk!

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Last Updated: May 27th 2021 00:33
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Coffee Milk is the State Drink of Rhode Island, USA

Better than Chocolate Milk!

Being a coffee drinker, In the past I’ve tried just about every Commercial coffee vape, cappuccino, latte, Catch Ya Latte, Oh Latte etc. and never found the perfect one for Me.

So glad I can now mix my own the way I like it, Hope you enjoy it also!


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2021-05-27 12:34:37
Dam, ordering a couple of flavours for this 1, can't wait

2020-12-28 19:53:51
If your looking to change things up, you need to put this one into your rotation for a tasty diversion! Checks all the boxes for an authentic, sweetened coffee drink! Thanks for the early Christmas at the whthek house Rocky!

2020-06-07 01:00:50
That sounds delicious Rocky. Will give it a go when I get a decent stash going. ;-)