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Released: April 19th 2021 02:44

🍦 Soft Servin' Up Pineapple 🍍

Soft Serve Ice Cream smothered in Pineapple

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Inspired by a Vape Kitchen juice from River Supply Co. 

All previous attempts had been constructed around INW's Pineapple, but after trying VTA's SugarLoaf, IT became obvious that IT needed to be the star here.  Not overly complex, but a great pairing of a Juicy Pineapple, and a creamy Soft Serve Ice Cream. 

The construction was fairly simple with LB's VIC, FA's Vienna Cream, and TPA's Vanilla Swirl as the foundation for the Soft Serve, with a SMIDGE of Hangen's French Vanilla Ice Cream, and only to bolster the base, anything higher would pull it off of Soft Serve.

VTA's Sugarloaf really is a Pineapple powerhouse, and it carried the weight here, with a little pop from VTA's Fizzy Sherbet, and some high end punch from CAP's Juicy Lemon.

Not bad, not bad at all.  I can't answer to subbing as it took a while to get it to this point.  To push the Pineapple further, you could add 0.5% of VTA's Pineapple Juice.

Steep Time ???  You'll have to decide.  Decent off the mix, but the Soft Serve will up steep, and improve after a short 1-2 week steep.

Special thanks out to @SthrnMixer for the tip on the Soft Serve.

Original Recipe:

0.60% Fizzy Sherbet (VTA) * 0.40% French Vanilla Ice Cream (Hangsen) * 0.40% Juicy Lemon (Cap) * 2.95% Sugarloaf Pineapple (VTA) * 3.00% Vanilla Ice Cream (LB) * 1.00% Vanilla Swirl (TPA)


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2021-04-18 11:19:20
Thanks a lot for the heads up @Rocky. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfOVrSsdrP4

2021-04-18 10:59:02
Sorry @Busdriver, I don't think the alerts are 100% working here yet, just saw this. I think I posted the original on ELR, but felt the Vienna Cream might help better pull it to a Soft Serve. Which is better, hehe, you'll have to decide.

2021-01-10 06:24:04
You have two versions of this recipe, the one on elr has more ice cream, less vanilla swirl and no Vienna cream, this one is lower on ice cream more tfa swirl and Vienna cream, which one is the better version taste wise

2021-01-09 22:08:15
Just mixed up 1 litre of this for a good steep, I'll let you know in two weeks how this progresses buy of the shake smells and tested good