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Banana Marshall Rev-2

Banana Ice Cream, inspired by David Marshall’s VSO Banana & VTA Toffee Ice Cream recommendation.

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Banana Marshall Rev-2

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Recipe Notes

Built this based around Marshy’s VSO Banana & VTA Toffee Ice Cream suggestion. 

This is my attempt at a Barny Banana Ice Cream, which has some of that artificial banana flavour, that is why I used Loranns Banana Cream, added a small touch of VSO strawberry To bring the banana out more, (based on advice from Fresh03)

This is the revised recipe,

I have reduced the Super Sweet as it was too sweet.

I Have lowered the LA banana cream it was becoming the dominant banana and I only wanted it to backup the VSO banana to give it some of that artificial banana flavour of the Barney Banana ice cream.

I Added some WF Vanilla ice cream as the 1st rendition lacked in the ice cream department & I didn’t want to add LB vanilla ice cream because I wanted something different that didn’t have to be used at high percentages.

Added the 0.25% FLV Sweet Coconut to give more body to the recipe.


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