This is a fizzy, lime soda with just that touch of Ginger Ale to give it a push.

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Created By EdibleMalfunction

July 28th 2019 21:58

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Flavour %
Cactus - Inawera 0.75
Citrus Soda - Flavorah 1.25
Ginger Ale - The Perfumers Apprentice 2.00
Hibiscus - Capella 2.00
Lime Tahity (Distilled) - Flavour Art 1.50
Shisha Lime - Vape Train Australia 1.00
Sweetener - The Perfumers Apprentice 0.75
Total: 9.25 %

Recommended Steep Time: 0 none



Ingredient ML Grams %
Total Base:
One Shot Total: No Nicotine
Ingredient ML Grams %

Recipe Notes

I started out with an idea of an Alien franchise inspired mix. Originally I thought Nostromo would be a fitting name, but was left not really feeling the inspiration. Then Xenomorph came into play. For those not familiar, those are the adult form of the creatures in the films.


It was easy where I had to go with this then. Xenomorphs have green, acidic blood. So Lime was a given. And I knew I wanted it to be an in your face, intense recipe.

I originally chose VT Shisha Lime and FA Aurora as my base, but it seemed that Aurora was smoothing out the lime too much and that is not what I wanted. With a second opinion from u/FomentLife, I decided to scrap Aurora and add FA Lime Tahity Distilled to get some wonderful zest going in the mix.

u/Staybert found success with FLV Citrus Soda in his Citrasberry recipe, and I knew right away it belonged here.

u/OdieDoodah gave me the suggestion of TFA Ginger Ale to add an extra level to the "blood".

CAP Hibiscus brings some syrupy goodness into the fold.

This came together in an AHA! moment and I'm quite pleased with the results.


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