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January 24th 2019 00:36

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Flavour %
Apricot (Armenia, Albicocca) - Flavour Art 0.75
Holy Holy Grail Ry4 - Diy Flavor Shack 8.00
Kentucky Blend - Flavorah 0.25
Peach, White (Pesca Bianca) - Flavour Art 1.50
Red Burley - Flavorah 0.75
Total: 11.25 %

Recommended Steep Time: 2 weeks


Georgia Cardinal

Ingredient ML Grams %
Total Base:
One Shot Total: No Nicotine
Ingredient ML Grams %

Recipe Notes


If you have not tried @Fear Cardinal recipe, please do yourself a favor and mix it. It is delish. Summer and Fall of 2017, I kept at least 500ml of this ready to vape all the time. I have a problem with peaches, I love them. So, I thought what would Cardinal be like with Peach? So, I tried it and came up with GA Cardinal. Why not Peach Cardinal? Well, have you seen a Peach Cardinal?

So, I kept the base recipe the same. I added FA White Peach and FA Apricot. What comes out of this, is a delicious RY4 tobacco with a caramelized Peach on the exhale. I am in love.



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