Sprks' Butterscotch Bliss (finalized Aug 24. 2017)

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Created By Sprkslfly

Dec 12th 2018 12:26

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Flavour %
Butterscotch - Medicine Flower 0.43
Butterscotch (Natural) - Flavor West 4.00
Caramel - Capella 2.00
Graham Cracker - Capella 1.50
Vanilla Custard - Capella 2.00
Total: 9.93 %

Recommended Steep Time: 4 weeks


Sprks' Butterscotch Bliss (finalized Aug 24. 2017)

Ingredient ML Grams %
Total Base:
One Shot Total: No Nicotine
Ingredient ML Grams %

Recipe Notes

This was designed/refined with the following in use:
Atty: Wismec Theorem (single air flow slot, over the coil)
Coil: SS316 26g/36g, dual-parallel single coil ('Sprks design') 0.17-0.18ohm
Wattage: 36-38w
Mod: Smoant Cylon

Butterscotch MF is used at ONLY 4 drops per 30ml in this recipe.
*Drop size is from the MF glass bottle that Lotus (ECX) ORIGINALLY USED*

This is a VERY rich, and decadent dessert with a thick mouthfeel that should satisfy even the most sweet of sweet-tooths! This is a 'natural' sweetness (meaning NO added sweeteners), and even with me, this is one that while I'll frequently enjoy it several times a day, it goes a long ways. It's an indulgence that's potentially a bit of a coil gunker, but MAN it's SO worth having to change the cotton/coil every 4-5 days (if you run it in a single dedicated tank). After all this time, I'm still infatuated with this combination.

Worked on this since roughly March 2016...and even though it's "simple" by all other standards, I went through TONS of variations (especially in varieties of butterscotch, and caramels), including tailoring the percentages, including a few fringe flavors that took this in unexpected directions!

IMO, there's only one allowable sub, and that's the Graham Cracker. The only one that I found that still kept the 'spirit' of the intent, was TFA GC, but IF you do sub that, you will need to bump the percentage of GC up to 2%. (The TFA GC brought a lighter overall aspect to it, so if it's too heavy for you, try the TFA GC!)

The MF and the FW butterscotch are ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED and are essential to the core of this. So if you don't use these ingredients exactly as written above, please don't rate it, as you're no longer mixing (or getting) the recipe as intended! If you do mix it, even if you don't like it, please feel free to rate and comment! If you find inspiration in it, I'm honored!

Apologies to those that have been waiting, or had LONG since given up on me. Like Mogen David serving no wine before it's time...I'm not releasing something until *I'm* satisfied. lol ;)

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
Thanks for reading!

PS: I've NO IDEA how this will translate to other (lower) VG ratios, as it was designed for 80vg. You will probably need to lower the flavor percentages though, as it's intended to be very rich in 80vg (which, it is *grins*)! And, as flavors typically "feel" more potent in higher PG mixes, it will *almost certainly* need to be accounted for!

Update 9-26-2018
I've finally made the time to verify the actual drop-size dispensed from the glass bottles that ECX sold the older MF (Lotus) in. They measured out to just over 0.03ml PER DROP (10 drops was 0.32ml) from a *brand new, full bottle*. Drop size gets smaller the closer to empty the bottle becomes! 
I used a 1ml syringe to do this, counted the drops, and waited for the residual flavor to "seat fully" at the bottom of the syringe before assessing a measurement.
Given this, my 4 drops above actually equates to 0.128ml, not the 0.18 that I previously estimated.

I have amended the recipe to reflect the testing.


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